Our Practices –

At Monoluxury, we believe in sustainable agriculture; using farming practices considering the ecological cycles. That’s why nothing on our farms are wasted. Every part of a plant is utilised and plays a part in our ecosystem, while we employ innovative methods to protect our environment.

Our sustainable farming practices include:

Rainwater harvesting and recycling of grow system solutions (nutrient enriched water)

Bio-waste compost & recycle for further growing

Recycling carton box and elimination of plastic in our farm growing consumables

Extending the crop lifespan of vine crops from common 4-6 months cycles in Malaysia to 9-12 months cycles reduces inputs and increases output/m2. Likewise with leafy crops increasing productivity /m2 means we can achieve maximum output of food with a smaller footprint.

We strive for sustainable practises by always looking to increase productivity so that we can grow more fruits and vegetables on the same amount of land. By using automated hydroponic Moving Gully Systems (MGS), we increase yield/m2 by 200% compared to traditional fixed hydroponic systems. The automation and higher yields mean we need far less manpower to grow and harvest each tonne of leafy vegetables. Our employees work in a much more pleasant environment and are therefore happier and willing to stay.

Our groundbreaking new semi-closed greenhouse is a first in Southeast Asia and illustrates our commitment to future proofing against the challenges facing us all from climate change and natural resource constraints. Controlled by an advanced environmental computer control system and equipped with a fully automated planting and harvesting grow system it ensures optimal conditions for lettuce growth with super efficient handling of produce at both harvesting and planting. By adopting an “active” cooling environment with an overpressure we restrict entry of pests and discourage fungal diseases whilst maintaining ideal growing temperatures as opposed to the common greenhouse with “passive” cooling by ventilation via openings in the roof and side walls which are hotter, as they cannot exhaust the Sun’s heat quickly or evenly from the inside of the greenhouse to avoid inducing stress to the crops. Also passive greenhouses cannot eliminate entry of pests and diseases. With our new SC greenhouse output is now secured in ever warmer climate and give protection against pests and diseases thus ensuring consistent quality produce all year round without the use of pesticides.

Water conservation is a priority as we collect and store run-off rainwater which is then filtered to a high quality and used in our recirculating hydroponic NFT grow systems so no water is lost to the ground.

All waste leaf cuttings, roots, and cocopeat generated at harvest time are captured and turned into a rich compost. We sprinkle a mix of friendly microbes into the mix to speed up the composting process. The compost then being used to grow other crops, giving them the perfect foundation to thrive and flourish.

Our Practices –
Quality Assurance

Our Farm is GAP certified, Good Agricultural Practices, (Certificate No. SALM .04.088); and our processing side has HACCP certification, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, (LRQA KLR 0500060) which ensures a total integration approach to quality assurance.

In every process, either small or large, we are committed to the best practice from our use of imported compost and seeds to the automatically controlled environment glasshouses. We want to ensure that our crops are clean, uniform in size, with a consistent colour and texture.

To ensure top-notch quality Ready to Eat Salad,
we go the extra mile from our farm to your table with a series of steps:

We have not one, but two triple
wash lines for thorough


Our farm is equipped with
two drying tunnels, a technology
exclusive to us in Southeast Asia.

We utilize two multi-head
and baggers for precise


Daily micro-testing is conducted to verify the effectiveness of our wash process and assess the quality of raw materials.

We maintain our own fleet of cold trucks, ensuring an unbroken cold chain from the farm to the outlet.


Samples are retained for shelf-life assessment, allowing us to continuously monitor and guarantee freshness.

With these meticulous measures in place, we take pride in delivering nothing short of excellence to your table.

We have achieved the prestigious Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000), which is an internationally recognized scheme applicable to all organizations in the food chain, regardless of their size or complexity.