Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products do you offer?
Under Genting Garden, Lushious and Village Garden brand, we offer a wide range of fresh leafy salad products either as RTE (ready to eat) bags or kits along with fresh salad dressings and other condiments. Alternatively to RTE we have head lettuce in bags or clams for those who wish to prepare their own salads. In addition we grow a wide range of tomatoes from Heirloom varieties, Roma, Truss on Vine & general cooking tomatoes. The sweetest range of tomatoes are the cherry & cocktail types on the truss or loose. Sweet Capsicums, Palermo, Cucumbers, Chilli and French Beans complete our range of vine crops. Fresh salad herbs, culinary herbs ,micro-greens, and edible flowers complete our offerings. Over 450 sku we supply the retail and HORECA markets
Is it required to wash Monoluxury fruits and vegetables before consumption?
It’s always recommended to wash fresh produce before consumption to ensure food safety. As for our ready-to-eat (RTE) salad bowls and bags they have already undergone a thorough triple-washing process to ensure they are cleaned and ready for consumption straight out of the package. Reference the packaging label as it will state “Ready to Eat” where there is no need to further wash or “Wash before Use” where you need to wash before consumption.
Where can I buy Monoluxury products?
You can find them at select grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialty food retailers here
Where are the Monoluxury farms and can I visit your farms?

Our first farm is in Genting Highlands and a further 3 farms were later developed in Cameron Highlands. All our farms are closed to the Public. The reasons being the need to have a bio-security cordon sanitaire to prevent the inadvertent spread of pests, diseases and viruses (which are becoming of major concern worldwide and in particular with regard to Tomato Brown Rugose Virus which can have a devastating impact on crop production). Also we do not have the parking facilities and ever present trained staff to deal with the walk-in Public.

What and why adopt hydroponic growing?
Hydroponics (Plants with roots growing in water culture as opposed to soil culture) is a method of growing plants in nutrient-enriched water solutions. The nutrients are added from prepared fertiliser recipes and injected into the water. With hydroponics there is the option to recirculate the growing solution thereby conserving both water and nutrients as well as ensuring a constant optimum growing environment around the roots at all times. Maximising productivity and reducing waste with limited resources. Growing in the highlands of Malaysia there are both limited flat platforms and soils fertile enough to grow in. With the versatility of hydroponics you can overcome the deficit by constructing supports for the grow channels to overcome variable ground profiles and/or lacking soils to allow growing to take place .
I am interested in finding out more to be a business partner/supplier with Monoluxury, how do I go about it?
You can contact us here
How do I know if a product is one of yours?
All our products are under Genting Garden, Village Garden and Lushious brands.
Could you add me to your mailing list to hear about special deals or promotions you are offering?
Definitely! Please fill in the form here