Cultivating Growth & Sustainability

At Monoluxury, we don’t just grow salads; we cultivate confidence. “We grow it, therefore we know it,” is more than a catch phrase— it’s your assurance of food safety, freshness, and sustainable cultivation practices. We’re not in the business of trading someone else’s produce, where control over these critical factors is uncertain.
As passionate cultivators, we’re hands-on at every stage, ensuring our end product meets the highest standards.

While we recognise the importance of technology, we understand it’s not the sole factor in successful cultivation. Our crop specialists, drawing on over 40 years of hands-on experience, blend traditional farming methods with most advanced hydroponic systems within first of its kind in Southeast Asia; Semi-closed Greenhouses with the most advanced control of the growing environment. This integrated approach addresses finite natural resources and safeguards against extreme weather events in the Highlands of Malaysia. Our bespoke selection of growing media and techniques is intricately tailored to the region’s unique resources and climate. Our passion and expertise drive us to consistently produce top-quality crops that flourish in the vibrant Southeast Asian landscape.

Let’s delve into our hydroponic farming system, where we break free from the limitations of tropical soils, ushering in a new era of soilless plant cultivation. Through innovative techniques, we create nutrient-rich water solutions enriched with oxygen ideal for an optimal root environment thus fostering thriving plants. The results? Consistent, bountiful harvests of top-tier produce. Taking it a step further, we incorporate soilless media such as coconut coir in bags for our vine crops cultivation and use pure hydroponics in the form of NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) with DFT (Deep Flow Technique) for lettuces as well as compost enriched soil for our herbs. By choosing the best growing system option gives versatility in our cultivation methods, amplifying their unique potential and paving the way for sustainable practices. Our unwavering focus on optimal plant growth ensures that every leaf, stem, and fruit can be harvested, promoting high and consistent productivity with an all important smaller environmental footprint.

Mindful of the pressing need for sustainability, we infuse science-based solutions and adaptable technology into all aspects of our business. Data sensors play a pivotal role, meticulously gathering information to enhance our understanding of plant health. Tracking variables like temperature, light intensity, moisture, and the precise content of fertilizers allows us to make informed decisions, fostering growth in harmony with the environment.

In the pursuit of sustainability, rainwater is collected from greenhouse roofs to alleviate strain on natural water resources. Run-off from tomato and capsicum grow bags is repurposed as a nutrient source for bean and herb crops. In nurseries, we’ve transitioned from plastic to biodegradable net pots, ensuring all waste matter after harvest is compostable and recycled back into our soil beds for continued cultivation. This is our commitment in fostering environmental responsibility and resource conservation in everything we do.

Cultivating Growth & Excellence

Now, let’s talk numbers. Our team of 480 individuals comprises a dynamic blend of local and foreign talent, leads across our four farms— Genting Farm, Cameron Bertam Valley Farm, Highland 49 Farm, and Tanah Rata Farm. Together, we manage over 210 hectares of fertile land, a vibrant canvas where horticultural visions become a bountiful supply of healthy fresh fruits & vegetables. What sets us apart? We’re not mere dreamers; we’re seasoned professionals with a proven track record, distinguishing us from new entrants in the market.

At Monoluxury, we’ve adopted a vertical business model. Given that our operations are relatively isolated, we’ve recognised the vital need to be self-reliant. To guarantee top-notch quality and consistency of supplies, we’ve carefully built our own in-house teams with the required expertise to allow us to be vertically integrated, ensuring independence and flexibility in our operations.

Our Story &
Our People

Managing Director Mr. Julian Roe, a UK citizen, brings over 40 years of experience in hydroponic salad cultivation under greenhouses. Leading initiatives on the farms and in the processing plant for execution by dedicated teams, each contributing to our collective goals.

Our People

Our organization comprises of several key departments, each of which play a crucial role in achieving our goal of remaining the No. 1 supplier of salads and herbs in Southeast Asia. In farm, Production have dedicated experts that drive precise cultivation and harvesting, adding value at every production stage.

Processing will select a range of harvested leaves and fruits from our farms to wash, dry and pack as RTE offerings for the value added convenience market. To compliment these RTE offerings we make our own homemade fresh dressings made from only quality ingredients with NO additives that distinguish our offerings from the shelf-stable alternatives in the Market which are engineered for a very long shelf-life along with enhanced flavourings that mask and not compliment the natural flavours of the salad leaves.

  • Julian Roe

    Founder & Managing Director

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Managing Director Mr. Julian Roe, a UK citizen, brings over 40 years of experience in hydroponic salad cultivation under greenhouses. Leading initiatives on the farms and in the processing plant for execution by dedicated teams, each contributing to our collective goals

Our Vision, Mission, Value Statement

To be the #1 supplier in S.E. Asia of salads & herbs by delivering fresh, tasty, food-safe, high quality produce consistently All Year Round at a competitive price.